East Texas Corvette Association | Membership
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Welcome to East Texas Corvette Association


It is with great honor as president of the East Texas Corvette Association (ETCA) to welcome you with our website.

E.T.C.A. was founded in October 1982 and had fifteen members. Some of the founders and original members are still with this association today.

I would first like to thank our founding members who had a vision to put this association together.

I would like to thank the past members who have put a link in this chain but for different reasons, they have moved on, passed away, or retired their cars. However, they have left something for us to keep the links in this chain strong and build a solid brotherhood. To the present members I thank you for keeping this association alive and moving it in a forward and positive direction.

have been president in this association for twelve years and great things and events have happened under my regime. I welcome all of you, rather you are family, an ICCC member, friend of one of our members, supporters of our association, or a community member your presence, guidance, and blessings have helped us throughout the years. I want to encourage you to peruse our website to see the many things that we have accomplished in our time together. We are a southern group of people who believe in ‘good ol’ hospitality. In order to make friends; we must first show ourselves friendly is the theme that I have chosen to use as president of this association. It rings true in more ways than anyone could ever imagine.

Respectfully submitted,


President, East Texas Corvette Association


  • Tracy Johnson (President)
  • Steve Hicks (Vice President)
  • Natalie Brooks (Treasurer)
  • Carolyn Kirkland Johnson “Ms. K” (Secretary)
  • G.E. Huey (Sergeant at Arms)


  • Gayley “Popcorn” Beal
  • Steve Ford
  • Jack Garrett
  • Gaius Geter
  • Tony Johnson
  • Gus Morrow
  • Rick Morrow
  • Ravon Pettigrew
  • Richard Pryor
  • James Rhodes
  • Melvin L. Whitaker
  • Cecil Williams
  • Bernadette Wilson
  • Gerald Wilson