East Texas Corvette Association | The Future
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Where Are We Going

We plan to elicit many, many more members so we can accomplish much more in the near future than we have done in the past.  We plan to do more educational programs, and family enhancement seminars to better help families that need to know general guidelines to better themselves and/or their family.  We are striving to be a place for other Vetters to come and visit and feel as if they are a part of this illustrious association and city.

The Corvette has been around for over fifty (50) years, and it’s good to know that we have been a part of this great American made sports car (Corvette) for more than half of its existence.


  • Tracy Johnson (President)
  • Steve Hicks (Vice President)
  • Natalie Brooks (Treasurer)
  • Carolyn Kirkland Johnson “Ms. K” (Secretary)
  • G.E. Huey (Sergeant at Arms)


  • Gayley “Popcorn” Beal
  • Steve Ford
  • Jack Garrett
  • Gaius Geter
  • Tony Johnson
  • Gus Morrow
  • Rick Morrow
  • Ravon Pettigrew
  • Richard Pryor
  • James Rhodes
  • Melvin L. Whitaker
  • Cecil Williams
  • Bernadette Wilson
  • Gerald Wilson