East Texas Corvette Association | The Past
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The Past

E.T.C.A. was founded by these members: James Allen, James Campbell, Jack Garrett, G.E. Huey, Anthony Jackson, Winford Langley, Ravon Pettigrew, William Sattlewhite, and Cecil Williams.  Our cause was simple, we wanted to help our community, our little brothers and sisters achieve their goals.  We chose to educate our brothers and sisters about general concepts and donate what we could to those in need.

We didn’t have an official building in the beginning, so we met under a tree, by a railroad track off Lincoln St. (now MLK Blvd.).  As time moved on, we met in a record store located on Palace St. and then we moved to the old auto mechanics building of Emmett J. Scott High School located at 1905 N. Englewood St.  Today, we meet at the Tyler Metropolitan Black Chamber of Commerce.

Members that are gone, but not forgotten

Members that are gone, but not forgotten

Burnest L. Ross, Windford “Tank” Langley & Shannon E. Brooks, Jr.


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Active Officers

  • Tracy Johnson (President)
  • Steve Hicks (Vice President)
  • Natalie Brooks (Treasurer)
  • Carolyn Kirkland Johnson “Ms. K” (Secretary)
  • G.E. Huey (Sergeant at Arms)

Current Members

  • Gayley “Popcorn” Beal
  • Steve Ford
  • Jack Garrett
  • Gaius Geter
  • Tony Johnson
  • Gus Morrow
  • Rick Morrow
  • Ravon Pettigrew
  • Richard Pryor
  • James Rhodes
  • Melvin L. Whitaker
  • Cecil Williams
  • Bernadette Wilson
  • Gerald Wilson